Some of my projects are unoriginal, others are original but not very useful, and a big number of them never get to be more than good intentions. Some of my ideas are so ambitious that I never find enough time or motivation to work on them. Sometimes, the problem they were trying to solve ends up not being a problem at all, or at some point I find out someone came up with a much better solution. In other words, your average programmer dilemmas.

When I really like a project of mine, I tend to spend a lot of time on it, often leaving my other projects and good intentions behind. Sometimes, that results in a relatively polished product; other times, just feature creep. At some point I stop enjoying working on one project as much as I did, and I put it aside - and sometimes leave it there for eternity…

Major projects

Add-ins for the Casio fx-CG 10 and 20

For at least three years, the graphic calculator I used through high school was my main development target. I learned C and a lot about embedded systems and reverse-engineering (the calculator OS) in the process. This relatively insane dedication resulted in three major pieces of software for these calculators:

I have a page on my blog about these and other discontinued add-ins. I have moved on from fx-CG 20 development.

Smaller projects

  • dotAccount - a single sign-on service for my websites. I took CubicleSoft’s SSO system, configured it to match my needs, redesigned the UI to be much nicer, and in the end added some convenience features, such as the ability to sign in using one-time email codes.
  • Goshify - kind of a markdown pastebin that can only be used through its API. It’s on GitHub.
  • PrizmID - related to my calculator craze, this is basically a fancy online survey about these calculator models.
  • Upcachet - a bridge between Cachet (a status page system) and Uptime Robot, currently used to update this status page.
  • My blog - meh, yet another Wordpress blog. When the stars align right, I feel a sudden urge to post something there.
  • TNY network website - Wordpress-powered website about the brand that encompasses projects built by me and my friends. The auth system was customized, through a plugin, to support dotAccount.
  • Segvault - Like the above, except Segvault is more “mine” than TNY network… read.
  • I have also developed the firmware for a ESP8226-based curtain controller, to connect my home curtains to the home network, and for a ESP8266-based remote controller, for controlling said curtains and other home appliances. This is likely going to be open-sourced soon™.

Defunct projects

  • Mersit and PicoRed - me dabbling in distributed systems for server redundancy management. Read: one, two.
  • Goona Browser - 14-year-old-me would be extremely proud if you clicked that link. But the present-time-me is extremely ashamed of his younger self and asks that you please don’t go there. Jokes (and terrible English) apart, this was my first big .NET project - my other big one is the much nicer Clouttery client for Windows. And in case you are wondering, Goona Browser actually allowed for browsing the web with Gecko and WebKit, and you could go from one rendering engine to another with a couple of clicks.
  • - another from the Goona Browser era, a Elgg-based “social” network. Fortunately it’s been offline for long.
  • iDoUpload - from the Goona-era (or earlier) some sort of file hosting website? I barely remember what it was, and in fact it only came to my mind because apparently I still have the logo I designed on my old hard disk.
  • and many others I can’t even remember…