gbl08ma is the awkward username that I, a 22 years old guy called Gabriel Maia, have been using on the internet for the last ten years. So despite not using social networks very much if at all, I’m extremely traceable - go ahead and Google me.

I’m a software developer: I build websites, desktop apps, Android apps, embedded software for things like the ESP8266 and graphical calculators, and more. I have been doing this for the last… six years? Make that ten years if you count completely useless beginner projects. If you are really interested in knowing more, I wrote a lengthy post about it.

I don’t do this for a living, yet. I’m just a broke student, currently pursuing a Master’s degree on information systems and computer engineering, specialising in Distributed Systems and Security, at T├ęcnico Lisboa.

Besides programming, I have experience in systems administration, after maintaining my own Linux servers for the past five years (as well as my local machines, for longer). And because the things I make need logos and advertising materials, I’m my own poor man’s graphic designer. Very rarely, I also dabble in sound design.

I like working alone, but I think it would be great to find other people to work on side projects with me. First there was tny. internet media, now Segvault… I never actively tried to find people with matching interests in terms of software to develop, and my current team members aren’t too interested. So, we’re open to getting more people onboard. Drop me a line if you’re interested.


  • OS of choice: Debian on the server, Arch Linux on the desktop, Android on the phone (last resource choice…), Windows on the Surface (heh).
  • Programming language of choice: it depends on the situation, obviously. But Go, C# and C cover most cases.
  • Keyboard layout of choice: QWERTY, the most plug-and-play layout.
  • Text editor of choice: For .NET code (C#, mostly), Visual Studio. For huge files, head and tail or Sublime Text. For everything else, VS Code. Vi: I know how to insert text, delete whole lines, save and exit, and exit without saving…
  • Browser of choice: Chrome or anything Blink-based. Unlike some people I know, I don’t like having over 100 tabs open at once, so the memory usage doesn’t bother me.
  • Messaging system of choice: email, and for IM my choice of the week is Matrix/Riot.

This website’s stack

For this one, I went the easy route and used a static site generator, Hugo, with a tweaked theme.